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Westmore Community Church is organized in the Congregational Style, which means that the lay leaders of the congregation are responsible for all matters of governance, and for calling its own minister.

Currently, the congregation is completely lay led with guest preachers offering Sunday worship services by invitation. Mark Violette is on staff person as organist and choir director.


Church Staff

Organist, Mark Violette


Church Leadership

Moderator, Joan Wood


Treasurer, Lee Anderson

Assistant Treasurer, Bruce Tanner


Church Council:

Chairman, Lee Anderson, as Treasurer

Bruce Tanner, as Trustee

Mildred Davis, Ex-officio, as Clerk

Bruce Tanner, as Assistant Treasurer

Gail Robitaille, as Deacon

Michele Streeter, as Member-at-Large

Carmen Anderson, as Stewardship Chair

Sharon Strange, as Ladies Aid representative



Chair, Bruce Tanner

Tom Streeter

Robin Robitaille

Lee Anderson, Ex-officio



Chair, Gail Robitaille

Mary Eby

Sharon Strange

Carmen Anderson

Emerita, Mildred Davis



Carmen Anderson

Joan Wood



Joan Wood

Joanna Lidback


Delegates to UCC VT Conference & NE Association:

Gail Robitaille


Nominating Committee:

Sharon Strange


Memorial Gifts:

Chair, Mildred Davis

Nancy French

Richard Simpson


Pastoral Relations (Council Appt’d):

Gail Robitaille

Carmen Anderson



Michele Streeter


Tellers (Trustees Appt’d):

Robin Robitaille

Nancy Tanner


Woodlot Committee (Council Appt’d):

Bruce Tanner

Carmen Anderson


Pantry Shelf:

Bruce Tanner


Scheduling: Church, Hall, Park

Sharon Strange  802-467-8531